Seeds World Action Teams A unique overseas mission’s opportunity


Seeds in one of Canada’s largest team sending ministries.  Each year we partner with local churches to send anywhere from 20-35 teams into most of our target nations.  We are always looking for new partners to participate in this truly unique overseas mission’s opportunity.  Our teams are called Seeds World Action Teams or SWAT.

What do teams do?

Seeds Teams spend most of their time sharing the gospel with children in public and private schools throughout their target nation by mounting high-impact assembly programs in front of the entire school.  Puppets, music, dance, games and testimonies are all combined so that the children can learn about Christ’s love and how they can know more.

Key facts about the assembly program:

  • 5-6 people make up an assembly performance group, so if your team is larger you can split into 2 or 3 groups and cover many more schools.
  • Although Seedlings is targeted at the 9 year old child, the assembly programs are for the entire school.  Some are as big as 800 students!
  • The assembly program is pre-written and developed by our Seeds Teams, and then sent to you with scripts and a training DVD in lots of time to rehearse with your team.
  • Each Performance Group visits 2-3 schools a day.
  • At times there is opportunity to visit classrooms or interact with students at lunch breaks.Key facts about taking a team:
  • All food, accommodation and ground transport costs are covered by your SWATeam fees as outlined below.
  • If you do not have enough people from your church then it may be possible to join up with another group.
  • Teams can travel anytime from Oct-Nov & Jan-May.
  • Most trips are 7 days in length, but can be longer if desired.
  • Additional ministry opportunities in the evening are available, but remember it makes for very long days.
  • Most days are start at 7 and end at 3 with time left over for sight-seeing and cultural experiences.

Cost of taking a team:

  • Seeds International charges $125.00 a day per person to cover in country expenses related to ground transport, meals and accommodation.  The rest goes towards distribution of Seedlings materials, training of teachers and local administrative costs.
  • Each team must organize and pay for their own flights to their target country.
  • Most trips are under $2000.00/person all in.

For further information about SWATeams please contact us at 604-826-7110 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the form to the right.

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