Socks for healthy soles and Seeds for healthy souls



Seeds and Socks is an outreach to the poverty stricken children of Honduras. Over 60% of the families live on less than $2.50 USD per day.  Our mission includes Seeds for the soul and socks for the sole.

Key Points

  • We have been invited into 15 Elementary schools for a pilot program
  • We plan to deliver Sock Kits (see below) to 5000 children
  • This means delivering 10,000 pairs of socks
  • 800 Grade 4 children will also receive the full Seedlings Curriculum and be taugh the Gospel by local teachers

A new and exciting opportunity

By taking Sock Kits to the entire school, our short term teams will have a chance to go into each classroom where they will:

  • Meet the teachers and the students on a more personal level
  • Give the socks to each child personally
  • Share the gospel through local workers and our new Good New Tract

    We have three short-term teams entering the 125 classrooms between March and May 2017.
We need your help!   Your timely donation will help us to:
  • Purchase and package the socksHand deliver a Sock-kit to each child. (5,000 of them)
  • Hand deliver a copy of “Semillitas” to a grade four student. (800 of them)
  • Train the teachers to use this 14 lesson Bible Curriculum.
  • We will have our friends help us to pack the socks and the “Good News” into a plastic “Sock-kit”. 
  • Our teams will load  all of the kits into hockey bags and take them to Honduras.


The urgency is the timing.
We need your donation as soon as possible so we can purchase and pack everything.
Our first team is in Honduras March 2-9. 
We have promised to take 1605 Sock-kits for 5 schools.
Your gift is needed by Feb. 14, 2017 (Valentine’s Day) so we can purchase and pack your sock-kits.

Your online donation of $13.00  per child meets ,the need. How many children could you help us  reach? 
We can do this together! 


What is a Sock Kit?    

Every child in every class in every school we visit receives a Sock Kit

Sock Kits contain:

  • 2 pairs of socks for the child to wear to maintain foot health
  • A gift card from the person, family or church who donated the socks
  • A copy of our GOOD NEWS tract in their own language.

The Sock Kits are delivered when our team visits the school.


On team visit days some exciting things happen:

  • An exciting Gospel presentation with puppets, music, games and lessons is performed in front of the whole school.
  • Sock Kits are delivered to each classroom along with a short gospel presentation from our GOOD NEWS tract.
  • Seedlings, in their own language, are given to the Grade 4 classroom and their fuly trained teacher.